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Hello. This is the personal homepage of Jonas Bark. It is dedicated to present several self-made or produced software for Windows, Android or Psion operating system.

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News 12.12.2014

Added more Android Apps for Android Wear devices - available from Play Store.

News 05.11.2013

Cleaned up the site. Added some more Android & iOS project I am/was working for.

News 11.04.2012

Added Jaumo - an Android App for the german community Jaumo.

News 13.11.2011

Added GMusic - Menulet for Google Music to be used in MacOS.

News 20.03.2011

Added bNotes - a simple notes taking app for Android.

News 10.02.2010

Refreshed the whole site, added more content like Windows and Android software.

News 06.11.2009

Mat Ripley kindly released a Code Generator for every YadaByte program.

News 15.11.2008

No update for years, as I don't use Psion anymore. I will keep the site up for the small amount of remaining Psion users!

News 18.08.2006

Bought an exclusive Domain and concentrated all files to it. Dead links should be fixed...

News 07.08.2006

Created a Psion File Archive.

News 06.08.2006

Converted the Pscience5 Apps List with its Links (looks bad, I know...)

News 28.03.2006

Moved the whole page again and created a blog.

News 26.03.2006

Worldfreeweb went down --> used another Host (where my Clan-HP is also located).

News 25.01.2006

Created a workshop about PsiROM (English)

News 29.12.2005

Translated the whole Page...

News 28.12.2005

Added an Article about OS-Modification

News 27.12.2005

Uploaded some Funny Psion-Pics, besides changings in Design (@Menu)

News 21.11.2005

Created a Page for Links

News 07.11.2005

Installed a new Design...

News 19.09.2005

New Page for Funny Psion Pics :-). And I updated my crappy Program MySounds

News 11.08.2005

Updated the Psion Page and the LED-Macro, added two Databases.

News 19.09.2005

New Page for Color Icons links

News 05.04.2005

New Page for Updates!

News 27.03.2005

First publification of TankWar from Henner Kessler

News 12.03.2005

Major update: Webspace-Change, Downloads directed to worldfreeweb.com

News 31.01.2005

Martin from Pscience5.net added my Macro LED on his page :)

News 22.01.2005

Uploaded new Versions of MySounds and LED