"Hmm, well, what time is it?"

- "Take a look at my watch."

"Daaaamn, it's that time again! Cheers."


With this app you're the king at any party. Apply Beer O'Clock as your current Watchface (Android 5.0 required on your wear device) and just do the "turn display on"-gesture and it's Beer O'Clock for anyone around you!



- Watchface for Android Wear devices showing "Beer O'Clock"

- Try saying "OK Google, start Beer O'Clock" to your clock - it works even without setting this app as Watchface!

- Round and Square display support


I like beer and if you do, too, and also love this app - consider donating a beer via In App Purchase :-)


Wear Beer O Clock - screenshot thumbnailWear Beer O Clock - screenshot thumbnail

Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.jonasbark.wearbeeroclock