I tested the famous XTEP Program and it is possible, to change your System without any Problems (not only the new toolbar.opo)!

While receiving Errors on my old 5mx Pro (Soft Resets, as I tried to reach the menu tab on the right e.g) this is no problem for the netBook...

The first thing I did was changing the Eikon.mbm [Z:\System\Data], now I have a really good looking Clock (see samples). Besides, I replaced TimeW.mbm [Z:\System\Apps\TimeW\] with the one from Marukusu.

Some samples: (I changed the Clock because I didn't like the yellow one):

Clock in normal view Clock in Big format

While adding and replacing files do not cause big problems, you can't edit (patch) several files. Once I edited the Shell.mbm [Z:\System\Apps\Shell\] for changing the color of the upper Toolbar, at the End I came into a reset loop... Why it's possible to edit other files like Eikon.mbm, I don't know, possibly because Eikon.mbm isn't immediately loaded after booting...

The most up-to-date OS (in english language, with the improvements of Pokepoc) is downloadable here:

Download (6mb)