Take a look here: http://www.pscience5.net/colouricons.htm
After a request in the forum of Pscience5 I created Sheets where the app name and the link is placed, where it can be downloaded:

A-C as Sheet:
ColorIcons_A-C || PDF: ColorIcons_A-C.pdf

D-E as Sheet:
ColorIcons_D-E|| PDF: ColorIcons_D-E.pdf

F as Sheet:
ColorIcons_F|| PDF: ColorIcons_F.pdf

G-J as Sheet:
ColorIcons_G-J|| PDF: ColorIcons_G-J.pdf

K-L as Sheet:
ColorIcons_K-L|| PDF: ColorIcons_K-L.pdf

M as Sheet:
ColorIcons_M|| PDF: ColorIcons_M.pdf

N-O as Sheet:
ColorIcons_N-O|| PDF: ColorIcons_N-O.pdf

P as Sheet:
ColorIcons_P|| PDF: ColorIcons_P.pdf

Q-R as Sheet:
ColorIcons_Q-R|| PDF: ColorIcons_Q-R.pdf

S as Sheet:
ColorIcons_S|| PDF: ColorIcons_S.pdf

T-Z as Sheet:
ColorIcons_T-Z|| PDF: ColorIcons_T-Z.pdf

A few Apps were unfindable or were without a homepage.