(Note: German language has already been translated)

- If you want to have the G-Keys deactivated (!), start EmptyProfile.exe FOR ONCE! It creates an empty G-Keys-Profile for you, that executes when you lock your keyboard. You do not have to do this!
- Start InputLock.exe, it will come to the foreground usually
- to Lock Keyboard & Mouse use left display key
- to Unlock use the second display key
- to quit InputLock use the right display key in the unlocked-state

- Opens up with the third display key
- mark an option with the right display key
- to get back, use third display key
- options will also remain at next start

Maybe for cleaning keyboards, fooling other people, safety lock...

Sound deactivation: it actually presses the "mute sound" button from the keyboard, so if sound is already deactivated, it will activate it again
Monitor deactivation: very sensitive, if you move the mouse, it will activate again
break lock state: Ctrl-Alt-Delete will still work as it is part of Windows Security System

0.10: first release
0.11: Icons added, text newly written
0.12: Command Line Parameters added (InputLock.exe /LOCK)
0.13: bugs fixed, design improved
0.14: elapsed time added, applet will start at foreground
0.15: settings dialog added, monitor & sound deactivation added
0.16: G-Keys-Deactivation added, Computer Shutdown Bug fixed
0.17: G-Keys-Deactivation highly improved
0.18: Translation into english language
0.19: Bugfixes: Englisch language everywhere, Monitor mode didn't open Dummy.exe