Leica DISTO™ sketch - screenshot thumbnailLeica DISTO™ sketch - screenshot thumbnailLeica DISTO™ sketch - screenshot thumbnail

The DISTO™ sketch app in many cases, replaces the classical note pad. You can easily draw sketches (e.g. layouts of rooms) and apply measuring results to them. Each line can be named and you can even add comments as needed.

Use the sketching app to edit/overwrite new or existing photographs of the object you are measuring. You can also select a photo from the image gallery on the device (e.g. of an existing plan). With this functionality, you have an ideal tool to record your daily work with your Leica DISTO™ device.

Create as many sketches as needed and add titles to them, making it easier to apply the measuring results after returning to your office. You can also email sketches directly from the job site to the office for further processing. This increases your productivity, saving you time and money.

Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.ffuf.leica.sketch