As text messages are very important to me I searched for a solution to import my text messages from my Sony Ericsson to my Android phone. Few days ago SMS Backup & Restore was published for Android phones making a XML file import possible. As the XML format differed from the one you can export from MPE I created a simple (and crude) tool to convert the XML.

If you want you can only import sent or received messages. If you have an archive files containing both sent and received messages my program supports it, too. Name it "mpe_sms.xml" in this case.




1. Export your Inbox messages in MPE as XML (Select all, right click, Export, as XML). The file must be called "mpe_sms.xml" and must be placed in the directory of the converter.
2. Export your Sent messages as XML. It must be called "mpe_sms_sent.xml".
3. Start the converter, click on the first button, then on the next button. It will create a file called "sms.xml".
4. Place this file to your Android SD card in "SMSBackupRestore"-Folder.
5. Open SMS Backup & Restore, click Restore.

Having problems? Sonyfan wrote a more detailed instruction on top of using Sony Experia X10i here.


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Found a bug? Any questions? Reply to this post or send me a mail (address can be found in the converter). Auf Deutsch natürlich auch möglich.
Please note: Some of your sent messages might not have the correct timestamp. This is NOT a bug of the converter. See here.

Best greetings and thanks to FJSoftware for his great program.

Jonas Bark