As there is no VLC media player (below 1.0) applet with updates and english language, I decided to write one.

- ID3 Display Titel + Artist of music tracks
- progress bar
- Volume bar (handled as in original VLC)
- Clock Display (found that quite neat)
- File name display on videos + Video-Codec & resolution
- Playlist display (file names), scrollable with the two right display keys, go back with the left display key
- Trayicon with title and progress display, left click = next track, left click = quit VLC Control
- Media Keys will also work!
- choosing a playlist entry to be played now works (in Playlist mode, the topmost entry is selected automatically, play it with the second display key (only works if you already play a song - VLC bug)

To make it work correctly, you have to set this in VLC Options: (sorry for german language, I think you will find it anyway)
Note for the media keys: only the PlayPause key works all the time. The rest of the media keys only work if a song/film is already playing and not paused (VLC-Bug)

- This is a BETA, bugs are frequent!
- Sometimes the left part of the progress bar has some useless pixel (get it away with left display key)
- On the playlist you can only see the artist or filenames

Operation mode:
VLC Control analyses http://localhost:8080/requests/playlist.xml and http://localhost:8080/requests/status.xml as well as http://localhost:8080/old/template.html, gets its Information from those sites, that's why the Web Control Interace is needed. To use the media keys, it opens up a TCP Connection to VLC, that's why the console interface is needed.

0.10: Initial release
0.11: DVD Support added
0.12: Unneeded pixels removed, playlist handling improved, VLCControl only appears when VLC is running, it stays silently in the background so lonh
0.21: VLC 0.9 compatibility (for older version ask me!), Mediakeys work fine, playlist selection-and-play now works
0.22: Bug fixed (List index out of bounds when nothing is playing)
0.23: Progress bar display improved, error handling added, Icon changed

Download: Click here!